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Now Offering Free Shipping On All Orders Over ₹599/-

Zandu Zanacid Duo Tablet (30tabs)

by Zandu
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Zandu Zanacid Duo Tablet is a trusted and effective solution for acid reflux and heartburn. With 30 tablets in each pack, it provides quick relief and long-term management of symptoms. Formulated with natural ingredients, it neutralizes stomach acid and improves digestion for a comfortable and healthy gut.

Key Ingredients:

  • Glycyrrhiza glabra
  • Muktasukti Bhasma

Major Benefits:

  • The herbal components in the tablet help to balance out the excess acid, which relieves heartburn.
  • aids in maintaining the levels of physiological secretion production by regulating hypersecretion
  • The tablet has undergone scientific testing and is entirely safe to use.

Usage Instructions: Take one Zandu Zanacid Duo tablet twice daily, or as prescribed by a doctor.