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Now Offering Free Shipping On All Orders Over ₹599/-
Now Offering Free Shipping On All Orders Over ₹599/-

Tynor Knee Cap (Pair) Elastic

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The Tynor Knee Cap is an essential support for individuals who suffer from knee pain or injury. With its high-quality design and secure fit, it provides stability and comfort while allowing for full range of motion. Specifically engineered to aid in joint recovery, this knee cap is a must-have for anyone looking for effective and reliable knee support.

Available Sizes:
S : 14.8"-17.2"
M : 17.2"-19.6"
L : 19.6"-22"
XL : 22"-24.4"
XXL : 24.4"-26.8"

Features and Specifications of the Product:

  • Sweat absorber with no rash or allergies
  • Effectively preserves body heat with two layers of enclosed air space.
  • gives the knee comforting warmth and reassurance.
  • It compresses well.
  • It is free from vasoconstriction.

Usage Instructions: Follow the doctor's advice or the requirements.