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Mpil Neemelia Herbal Bathing Bar

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Introducing Mpil Neemelia Herbal Bathing Bar, the all-natural solution to nourishing and rejuvenating your skin. Made with neem extract, this bar provides powerful cleansing and anti-bacterial properties, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and healthy. Experience the benefits of this herbal bathing bar today.

Sodium cocoate, sodium stearate, coconut oil, triethanolamine, saffron extract, turmeric extract, Tulsi extract, Neem extract, and Aloevera extract are among the main ingredients. Other ingredients include fragrance, glycerin, aqua, CI 47000, propylene glycol, saturated acid, and stearic acid.
Major Benefits:

  • The soap leaves skin feeling silky, vibrant, and smooth.
  • It shields the skin from filth and allergens.
  • It helps to even out complexion and skin tone.

Important to note: Paraben-free
Suitable for: Every skin type
Perfect for both men and women
Kind of Product: Bar of soap
Application Area: Face and Body
Concern: Itching, irritation, and skin allergies
Instructions for Use:
To make a lather, wet the skin and apply the soap.
Massage the skin gently.
After using water to rinse, pat dry.