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Now Offering Free Shipping On All Orders Over ₹599/-

Manforce Strawberry & Vanilla Dotted-Ring Cocktail Condom (10pc)

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Enhance your intimate moments with Manforce Strawberry & Vanilla Dotted-Ring Cocktail Condoms. With a sweet strawberry and vanilla flavor, and dotted ring design, these condoms provide increased pleasure and stimulation. Made with reliable materials for added safety and comfort. Enjoy the ultimate cocktail of indulgence and protection.

Uses: The goal of this product is to shield users from STDs and avoid pregnancy.
Features and Specifications of the Product:

  • Teat-ended, translucent, and lubricated form
  • Condoms with dots on them for increased sensitivity and enjoyment
  • offer comparable protection to a standard condom.
  • Width nominal: 53 +/- 2 mm
  • Height nominal: 180 ± 2 mm

Instructions for Use:

  • Place the condom on the erect genital just before engaging in sexual activity.
  • The roll ought to be external.
  • Before inserting the condom, the end needs to be pushed to expel any trapped air.
  • When ejaculation occurs, place the condom over the genital and roll it with one hand while squeezing the end with the other. Hold the condom tightly and remove it carefully while the genital is still erect.