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i-Know Ovulation Testing Strip Kit (5Tests Kit)

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The i-Know Ovulation Testing Strip Kit includes 5 tests to accurately identify ovulation. With a professional and scientific approach, this kit allows you to confidently track your cycle and plan for conception. Easy to use and backed by domain expertise, i-Know provides reliable results with each test.

It is an ovulation testing kit designed for women trying to conceive and helps determine the most fertile days to get pregnant.

Product Features and Specifications:

  • Product dimensions: ‎ 6 x 1.6 x 16 cm; 100 grams
  • Helps identify the most fertile days to get pregnant
  • Contains five ovulation detection kits and an information leaflet
  • Each kit contains a test strip, a dropper and a silica gel

Directions for Use:

  • Put three drops of urine in the slot (S) of the strip
  • Wait for 5 mins
  • If you get a single pink line in C, your fertile days have not yet started
  • If you get two pink lines in C and T, your fertile days have started
  • If you target no lines, the test is invalid. Please test with another strip or device

Fast Tips:

  • The best time to test is in the afternoon
  • Your fertile window lasts up to 5 days