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Hamdard Naunehal Gripe Syrup (100ml)

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Expertly crafted by Hamdard, the Naunehal Gripe Syrup is a trusted remedy for soothing infant colic and stomach discomfort. Made with natural ingredients, it provides fast and effective relief for your little one's tummy troubles. Keep it on hand for those unexpected moments of fussiness.

Major Benefits: 

  • strengthens the delicate intestines of the youngster
  • helps children's digestive systems function better
  • When the youngster is going through teething, the syrup is really helpful. 


Hamdard N.G. Syrup according to the doctor's instructions if the child is 1-3 months old (1 ml/20 drops), 4-6 months old (2.5 ml/1/2 teaspoon), or 7+ months old (5 ml/1 teaspoon).