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Durex Extra Ribbed Condom (10Pc)

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Experience heightened pleasure with Durex Extra Ribbed Condoms. The unique ribbed texture provides extra stimulation for both partners. Made by trusted experts in the industry, they are designed for ultimate pleasure and protection. Comes in a pack of 10 for convenience and peace of mind.

Uses: The purpose of this product is to control pregnancy and offer defense against issues related to STDs.
Features and Specifications of the Product:

  • Durex Extra Ribbed condoms are ribbed and dotted for maximum stimulation. They include a unique texture combination, raised dots, and ribs that are positioned differently to maximize stimulation for both you and your partner.
  • Ten condoms with an easy-on form and lubrication Natural latex condoms that are transparent and have a teat end to make them easier to put on and fit better during intercourse
  • Dimensions: Each condom is 180 mm in length and 53 mm in width.
  • Delivered in a discrete package with no branding or indication of what's within, the condom box is discreetly packaged.

Instructions for Use

  • Place the condom on the erect genital just before engaging in sexual activity.
  • The roll ought to be external.
  • Before inserting the condom, the end needs to be pushed to expel any trapped air.
  • When ejaculation occurs, place the condom over the genital and roll it with one hand while squeezing the end with the other. Hold the condom tightly and remove it carefully while the genital is still erect.