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Durex Air Ultra Thin Condom (10Pcs)

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Discover the ultimate sensation with Durex Air Ultra Thin Condom. Made with the highest quality latex, this condom provides a barely-there feel for maximum pleasure and sensitivity. With 10 pieces per pack, you can indulge in safe and enjoyable intimacy with your partner.

Uses: The purpose of this product is to control pregnancy and offer defense against issues related to STDs.
Description and Details of the Product:

  • incredibly tiny for great sensitivity: Durex Air condoms can make all the difference for a deep connection and real intense contact while keeping the same level of security and protection.
  • Ten condoms with straight walls and lubrication: Natural latex condoms that are transparent and have a teat end to make them easier to put on and fit better during intercourse
  • Dimensions: Each condom is 180 mm in length and 53 mm in width.
  • Modest delivery: Delivered in a covert package with no sign of what's inside, the condom box
  • Quality of Durex: Durex is the most popular brand in the world, having been in the condom business for more than 90 years.

Instructions for Use:

  • Put on the condom.
  • The roll ought to be external.
  • Before inserting the condom, the end needs to be pushed to expel any trapped air.
  • Holding the condom securely, remove it carefully while squeezing the end with one hand. Place the condom on top and roll it with the other.