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Diamond Eye Drop (10ml)

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Improve your vision with Diamond Eye Drop (10ml). Formulated for healthy eyes, our eye drops are designed to support clear and sharp vision. See the world with ease and clarity with Diamond Eye Drop.

Main Ingredients:

  • Punarnava, Palash, Lota Saji, Jaukhar, Fitkari, Suhaga, Kalmi Shora, Bhimseni Camphor, Kamal Pushp, Gulab Pushp, Neem, Chandan

Major Benefits:

  • Diamond Eye Drops can improve vision and are appropriate for both long- and short-sighted people.
  • It is claimed that the drops lessen the possibility of dystrophic and degenerative processes in the retina and lens. 
  • "Red eye syndrome" is a frequent ailment that causes the eyes to become red and inflamed due to exhaustion, allergies, or other circumstances. Diamond Eye Drops can completely remove this problem. 
  • The drops can aid in hydrating the eyes, which is crucial for preserving the health of the eyes and avoiding irritation and dryness.

Good to Know:
Diamond Eye Drops are easy to use and can be applied directly into the eyes without causing any discomfort or pain