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Dhootapapeshwar Rasnasaptak Kadha (450ml)

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This 450ml bottle of Dhootapapeshwar Rasnasaptak Kadha offers the perfect blend of traditional Ayurvedic herbs for joint and muscle support. With expert formulation and 100% natural ingredients, this herbal solution provides relief and promotes overall wellness.

Crucial parts:

Devadaru Rasna, Gunduchi Eranda, Punarnava, and Aragwah.

Major Benefits:

  • Dhootapapeshwar Rasnasaptak Kadha helps improve how well the musculoskeletal system functions.
  • It assists in lessening joint stiffness and discomfort as well as inflammation.
  • Thanks to the presence of rasna, it could also aid in the removal of pollutants that are harmful to the joints.

Instructions for Use: Follow the directions on the label or the advice of your doctor.