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Dhootapapeshwar Amlapitta Mishran Suspension

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This suspension contains Amlapitta Mishran, a herbal formula that relieves symptoms of acid reflux, heartburn and indigestion. It is formulated by experts in Ayurvedic medicine and uses natural ingredients to provide quick and effective relief. Free from artificial chemicals, this suspension is a safe and reliable choice for digestive health.

Major Ingredients: Triphala, Patol, Yashtimadha, Shou, Vasa, Guduchi, Pittapapada, Nimba, Chiraita, and Bhrungaraj
The purpose of this is to enhance the health of the digestive and metabolic systems.
Type of Product: Liquid
Key Benefits:

  • Dootapapeshwar has been shown to be effective in treating amlapitta, a condition marked by symptoms such as heartburn, throat irritation, and sour and bitter belching.
  • It works well for agnimandya and aruchi by regulating pitta secretion and strengthening agni's function.
  • The mixture lessens heartburn, nausea, and epigastric discomfort.
  • The components restore metabolic activity, strengthening annavaha srotas.


 Take five to ten milliliters three times a day, or as your doctor instructs.