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Dabur Swarna Guggulu

by Dabur
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Dabur Swarna Guggulu is a potent Ayurvedic supplement made from natural ingredients. It supports joint and muscle health, improves digestion, and boosts the immune system. With proven results and zero side effects, it's a trusted choice for maintaining overall wellness.

Major elements: Ashwagandha, Kumkuma, and Swarna Bhasma
Indications: paralysis, sciatica, and joint problems
Product Type: Tablet
Key Benefits:

  • Swarna bhasma includes gold nanoparticles, which function as a fantastic rejuvenator and aid in lowering the body's exacerbated vata dosha, particularly in older age.
  • The well-known anti-inflammatory qualities of ashwagandha aid in reducing joint inflammation.
  • Saffron helps treat ailments like paralysis, sciatica, and other weakness because it may lower all vitiated doshas and remove toxins from the body.
  • It aids in reducing joint discomfort and inflammation.
  • It improves both physical and emotional health and relieves stress.