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Dabur Rheumatil Tablets (90Tabs)

by Dabur
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Dabur Rheumatil Tablets provide natural relief for joint pain and inflammation. With 90 tablets in each pack, this herbal supplement is formulated with scientifically proven ingredients to ease discomfort and improve mobility. Trust Dabur, a global leader in natural healthcare, for safe and effective relief.

Major Ingredients:

  • Guggulu Pudina, Gandhapura Oil
  • Sodium Benzoate IP is the preservative used in Neelgiri Oil Lavang Oil.

Signs and symptoms:
swelling and discomfort in the joints
90 pills total.
Product Type: Tablet

Major Benefits:

Guggulu can enhance joint motions and assist lessen musculoskeletal tissue edema.
Nirgundi may help to lessen joint discomfort, edema, and stiffness.
Boswellia, prasarini, and rasna facilitate pleasant joint motions.

Dosage: One or two tablets, two to three times a day, or as prescribed by a healthcare provider.