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Baidyanath Mall Tel (for Men Only) (5ml)

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Baidyanath Mall Tel is a specially formulated oil for men, created by the trusted brand Baidyanath from Jhansi. This unique oil promotes men's health and vitality, providing proven benefits for a happy and fulfilling life. Designed to be applied externally, Baidyanath Mall Tel is a must-have for all men.

Major Benefits:

  • ashwagandha, is well-known for its adaptogenic qualities and may support men's general vigor and vitality.
  • The traditional use of kesar, or saffron, stems from its possible aphrodisiac properties.
  • Aromatic spices like Lavang (clove) and Jaiphal (nutmeg) give the oil a pleasing scent.
  • Tila Tail (sesame oil) is used as the base oil in the formulation and gives the skin moisture.
  • With an emphasis on ancient Ayurvedic principles, Baidyanath provides a herbal formulation created with men's health in mind.

Use Baidyanath Mall Tel (for Men Only) as recommended by a healthcare provider or as instructed on the product label. Apply a tiny amount externally to the designated locations. Include it in your daily regimen for personal hygiene.