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Baidyanath Chopchinyadi Churna (60g)

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This 60g Baidyanath Chopchinyadi Churna is a traditional Ayurvedic medicine designed to promote healthy detoxification and digestive function. With its blend of natural ingredients, this churna can aid in cleansing the body and regulating digestion, leading to improved overall wellness.

Key components: Dalchini, Sontha, Vidanga, Akarkara, Khorasani Ajwain, Laung, Mishri, Pipal, Piplamul, and Dalchini.
Major Benefits:

  • Baidyanath chopchinyadi churna is an ayurvedic powder made of many herbs.
  • It helps control the intimate area's health and might be helpful for ailments like gout.
  • The churna is made with the anti-inflammatory plant chopchini (smilax china).
  • Historically employed to treat seminal weakness and get rid of skin issues

Instructions for Use: Follow the directions on the label or the advice of your medical practitioner.