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Baidyanath Chonsath Prahari Pipal (10gm)

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Discover the powerful healing benefits of Baidyanath (Jhansi) Chonsath Prahari Pipal. This 10gm product is expertly crafted with Baidyanath's expertise and contains potent Pipal properties that offer holistic wellness. Trust in Baidyanath, a renowned and trusted brand for 100 years.

Key components: Pali Babi Pali Ka Phanta
Major Benefits:

  • Helpful for phlegm illnesses such as acidity, breathing, agnimandya, blood bile, cough, and breathing
  • beneficial for colds, fever, and persistent fever
  • It boosts the mother's milk production, and when given with honey, it provides instant support for heart malfunction.
  • Moreover, its application helps with drowsiness and unconsciousness.

Usage Guidelines: Take 62–125 mg twice day with honey.
or as your doctor instructsover