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Aimil Pulvolax Granules (100gm)

by aimil
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Introducing Aimil Pulvolax Granules (100gm) - a trusted and clinically proven solution for constipation. With its powerful blend of natural herbs, it provides gentle and effective relief, promoting healthy bowel movements. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to regularity with Aimil Pulvolax Granules.

Major Ingredients:

  • Haritaki
  • Amaltas
  • Saunf
  • Sanai

Major Benefits:

  • Relieves chronic constipation supplements anthraquinones, Seena & Amaltas significantly relieve chronic constipation
  • Increases Stool Bulk, Ispaghula is a well known bulking agent, which increases stools and apparent wet weight as well as decreases intestinal transit time without irritating bowel
  • Sooth the gastric mucosa and improve absorption-assimilation of food
  • Pulvolax tones gastrointestinal tract, regularizes the function of digestive glands & restores bowel movements

Directions for use:
For Adults, take 1-2 teaspoon at bed time. For children, take ½-1 teaspoon at bed time.